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Medicare Advantage Programs

Touchstone Health recognizes that people with Medicare deserve to choose a quality, affordable health plan that fits their needs. That is why we have designed health insurance plans that give you access to the healthcare coverage that you want.

Medicare Advantage Programs

Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug Plans (MA-PD plans)

Touchstone Health’s Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug plans combine your doctor and hospital care with your prescription drug coverage. Depending on where you reside, Touchstone Health offer may offer a variety of plans that will give you medical coverage in addition to your Medicare Part D coverage.

Touchstone Health offers three plans that include prescription drug coverage. They are the Medicare Value, Medicare Total Advantage, and Medicare Freedom plans.

Medicare Advantage Only Plans

For those individuals who have decided they do not want to participate in the Medicare Part D program, Touchstone Health offers plans that will only provide members with their doctor and hospital coverage.

Touchstone Health offers one Medicare Advantage plan that does not have prescription drug coverage. It is the Medicare Enhanced plan.

**Please note that if you are eligible for Medicare Part D, and do not sign up by the end of your initial enrollment period, you may be subject to pay a higher premium when you do enroll with a Medicare Part D plan.