About Us

Welcome to Touchstone Health Partnership, where the tradition of compassionate, coordinated and comprehensive healthcare is delivered through the trusted partnership between doctors, patients and families.

Six years ago, Touchstone Health was started in New York City by local, neighborhood doctors, and we remain owned and operated by these doctors. Our goal is simple: to provide efficient and quality healthcare to Medicare beneficiaries in the communities we serve.

We at Touchstone Health are taking bold new steps in Medicare!

I am writing this to tell you a little bit about this different path we have taken. First Medicare recipients often have special needs as well as medical needs. So we get to know and care for our patients as total people, not just as a set of symptoms to be treated. Then, with this understanding, we collaborate with family members, primary care physicians and necessary specialists to provide you with the best possible coordinated care.

Second, our physicians-owners work together to design benefit programs that meet the diverse social and economical needs of the Medicare community. This means that you will receive customized, community-based care, with the support and participation of your physician and family, with access to proven health management programs.

Finally, and most importantly, at Touchstone Health, you and your doctor are in charge of your health—never administrators!

Thank you for visiting and considering Touchstone Health. Stay healthy and happy. Be sure to check out our Missions, Value and Cornerstone.

David Bach, MD